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We at Primal Core understand that we are not a well known brand, but what speaks for itself is our dedication to bringing you the highest quality products that have multiple heath benifits, our flagship protein is not mixed with creatine so we can claim more protein that it actually has, we use four different blends so that you body digest’s it throughout the day. This coupled with probiotics is just a prime example of how we work. We are aiming to bring the best products not just for the normal take a protein and hope it does the best but the fact that you take it and it works areas of your body and insides to ensure maximum quality and effect.

One thought on “About

  • Lee whitehead

    Hi I was wondering if u sponsor any bjj competers
    I am a brown belt under lucio Sergio
    I live in Lancashire
    I compete all around the world mainly at the ibjjf comps and the local ones in U.K.