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Benefits of using Probiotics and what they do.

July 27, 2017 blog

The main job of Probiotics is to restore the natural good bacteria in your stomach, intestines and gut. Re balancing your bacteria in your stomach can take a very long time, even suffering an illness such as a stomach bug without the help of Probiotics this can be an arduous task. There has been studies done with Probiotics to show that it helps with IBS (Irritable bowl syndrome), IBD (Irritable Bowl disease), Lactose intolerance, Infectious diarrhea and many more issues related to stomach issues. Also it has been linked to the prevention of ADHD in young adults.

With the Probiotics balancing the good bacteria in your gut, stomach and intestines it gives a wellness factor that modern day diets don’t produce or can’t. A balance of water, probiotics and exercise can assist your body in so many ways and different factors, this is why we at Primal Core chose to have our flagship protein blend created with probiotics to help not only in digestion of proteins and minerals but an overall well being.

Probiotic studies have also shown that they have health benefits not just physically but mentally as well helping with anxiety, stress, memory and depression, this makes sense as to the old “quote you are what you eat” so if your gut is feeding your brain and body with the nutrients that it needs then having good health bacteria will help with your mental state also.

Probiotics also help break down bile that your body naturally produces, this is so your body doesn’t reabsorb it once used, if this doesn’t happen it can turn into bad cholesterol and in turn influence your heart.
An obvious effect of having this good bacteria introduced into your body is that it builds your own immune system to help fight off harmful bacteria, again this mixed with a good diet and exercise and you are on a good path to maintaining a healthy life with a much lower risk of succumbing to getting sick.


Probiotics push out bad bacteria, forms of yeast and fungi created in the gut. It also produces vitamin B12 and helps with digestive stages of your body keeping you regular in the bathroom and feeling great in the mind. This is why we chose to have this in our product, we have had our product used by people with Crohn’s disease and IBS (irritable bowl syndrome) we have kept in contact with these customers and none have reported any side effects from using our protein and this for us is a great achievement we have helped people who love to train in different walks of life have a protein supplement that doesn’t send them running to the bathroom!